5 Tips to De-Stress the End of the Year

We’re coming to the end of 2018, filled to the brim with successes, challenges, and changes. As we resolve ourselves to new commitments for the new year, we can feel the stress of wrapping up 2018. Whether you want to finish out a project, have meaningful time with friends and family, or complete that reading, the clock is ticking.

Each person experiences and relieves stress differently. What can be a fun night on the town with friends to one person could be an agonizing gauntlet of social pressures to another. To cover the bases of our different personalities, I reached out to some peers on what they do to manage end-of-year stress.

Delve into another world.

Read a book, watch a movie, binge a tv show, or go on a vacation to somewhere new. Separating yourself from daily stress can refresh you and allow you to tackle your stressors with new energy and, occasionally, a changed perspective.

Review and prioritize your commitments.

Spending a little time early to build a schedule allows you to meaningfully say yes to invitations and gives you permission to say no to those opportunities that don’t fit your needs. For my fellow introverts, it’s also helpful to build in quality alone-time to refresh and center yourself.

Use online shopping.

Online shopping has its own stresses with delivery windows and package tracking. You also miss out on the opportunity to potentially invest in a local store or browse the selection. That said, shopping in person means you miss the opportunity to shop in your pajamas. What matters here is making the choice that works best for you.

Notice the little things.

When we get stressed, many people focus on the problem of the moment and get stuck on a single track. Take a moment to name a few small things that made your situation, day, or problem better: time to play with your kids, you had a delicious meal, the printer finally obeyed your command without any fuss. Expand your view and recognize which of your stressors are just challenges in the moment.

Keep your health in check.

For a lot of people, the end of year means holidays and parties with late nights and an overwhelming amount of delicious food. Keep yourself perfectly “whemled” by staying hydrated, getting full nights of sleep, and balancing your diet when possible. You can also consider professional supports like a massage, a day at the spa, or sensory deprivation tanks. Stress has physical impacts on your body and managing your body helps to manage your stress.

Thanks to Brandy Schutz, Vener Azurin, Larissa Floyd, and Anton Saunsaucie for their contributions to this list!

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