A Day in the Life: Ashlee

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Ashlee with her husband, James, and two daughters, Rowan & Willow

Name: Ashlee Wiley
Program: 60 – CES Admin
Job Title: Operations Manager


Can you explain your job title a little more in-depth? Meaning, what do you do?

This is a new position that started in February of 2019. It’s kind of off to the side as far as the typical structure of a company goes. I’m all over and I do a lot of work around support service quality; making sure that the services we’re providing line up with our contract and with company standards.
I also oversee the Development Specialists. We have two new positions as well, and they are the ones on the ground training and mentoring staff in the skills and techniques that are necessary to provide great service around job development and job coaching. We do a lot of focused projects right now because it’s a new position and structure. We are trying to get systems in place and we’re working on some project management and creation of resources and tools.

What did you do yesterday?

I had some meetings that got canceled, so it was a catch-up day. I was able to finish some tasks from previous days and got to read a lot of documentation notes from areas of services. I responded to emails and phone calls, and addressed staff personnel issues, then I had some check ins with my employees. I’m also in charge of the company Facebook page and did a few updates.

Out of everything you did yesterday, what was normal or typical?

There’s never a normal or typical day, honestly. I do my employee check ins as well as support other people based on training needs or support needs. My Facebook duties are a weekly task where I look for posts, stories, or anything would be good content. We are in the process of hiring more people and I’ve been asked to support some extra area’s and projects in the meantime.

What was uncommon about your day yesterday?

I would say the larger number of projects and assisting with hiring as we’ve been experiencing some turnover.


Do you work with clients and or customers?

Typically, in my position as Operations Manager I do not work directly with clients as it is not a direct support position. However, I work the service side of it. I make sure that people are providing the services at the best quality we can provide. One of the many projects I have been given is because we are doing a new startup in Clark County. I am providing service to the three clients until we hire more staff. This is an uncommon item that has popped up on my plate. Usually managers don’t provide direct support – however once we get support staff in place, it will not be on my plate anymore.

How do you make sure that you’re showing a deep profound respect towards the clients that you do interact with?

I just treat them like everybody else, they are our customer. I make sure I’m listening to what they want, whether it’s about employment or getting out and engaging in their community. Activities that they do in the community is their way of connecting and building a rapport. I’m always trying to find out what they want for a job, what motivates them, and what do they want to do!
If we try to do something that’s not in line with their wants, it’s not going to be successful. They will not show up for work and potentially be terminated because they’re not performing at the level expected. Our work is about having those conversations and trying to find ways to engage in making connections.

If I could talk to any of your clients, what would they say are the ways that you respect them, and you show the SA Values?

I follow through, and if something doesn’t get done I work to address the why. I acknowledge when I’ve made a mistake, or I’ve dropped the ball, and I create a plan for how to get back on the right track.
I never ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. If we need to be out job coaching a client and we don’t have staff, I’ll be there assisting the client. I always try to lead by example and listen the best I can.



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