A Day in the Life: Ashlie

Name: Ashlie Soto
Program: 60
Job Title: CES Administrative Assistant 


How long have you been an admin assistant for? 
I’ve been an Administrative Assistant with SA for six years. 

Can you explain your job title more in-depth, meaning what does an Administrative Assistant do? 
In a very general sense, an Administrative Assistant or “AA”, supports their division in basic operations and day-to-day itemsI end up with those off-end tasks, little odds and ends, along with some very large projects, such as the cell phone contract with AT&T and assisting with SA Longevity coordination for the entire company 

What did you do yesterday, was there anything normal or typical about it?
was in a leadership meeting all day yesterday in Snoqualmie. During this meeting, we worked on identifying areas that need improvement and how we can turn things around for different programs. We reviewed different job descriptions, since we’re in a new structure and still figuring it out. Being in an all-day meeting is not a typical day for me, but these meetings are normal. The meetings usually happen twice a year. We do one day in person and then we do 2 days together in the fall, but we added a third meeting for this year. 

What did you do for your last day in the office
The previous day in the office consisted of more typical aspects of my job title. I did employment ads and worked on reconciling finances. I did entry log for Longevity gifts and afterwards, I paid some bills and worked on support services for WorkFirst. Afterwards, I looked at their financials to do any check writing. I then did my income entry and my income report for the month. 

Do you work with clients and/or customers? 
I have very little contact with customers, however when I do, it’s usually a counselor calling looking for a Job Coach or to talk about money received or owed. Unless I can support the individual directly, I usually will forward the person to someone who can assist them more so.  

When you do have interactions with the customers, how do you make sure that you show a deep profound respect towards them? 
I think it’s all about ensuring that even though they’re not at the right place for the answer they are looking for, I’ll make sure that they get to a person who can helpIf I have to forward information or send the individual onto somebody else, I make sure they have my number and/or email so they can get back to me if they’re not getting a response or the answer that is needed.   

 If I could talk to any of your customers, what would they say are the ways that you respect them and show the SA Values? 
The biggest vendor that I communicate the most with would be our AT&T rep. I talk to him at least three times a week. He always knows what we need for our company and it’s important to both of us to be respectful of each other’s time. He comments on the fiscal responsibility that comes with holding such a large account. Making sure that our bill is paid on time, along with reviewing our contracts for updated pricing and new deals Excellence and integrity are always part of those relationships as well. 



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