A Day in the Life: Cristina

Name: Cristina Villalba
Program: 38 – Sunnyside
Job Title: Program Manager


Can you explain your job title a little more in depth?

In my position, I’m responsible for keeping on top of fiscal responsibility for the program and making sure that the case managers and BISS (Behavioral Intervention and Support Specialist) staff are doing what they need to do with our clients.
I’m doing a little bit of everything as the Program Manager, such as working with our clients and attending meetings for some of our clients to ease that stress from our case managers and their caseload. We currently have four clients, however it’s still a bit of a challenge keeping up with all the files. We also do a NAACP, which is a behavior plan and a supervision plan for each client. These plans consist of about 9 to 10 pages and need to be updated quarterly.

What did you do yesterday?

I got back from vacation the other day, and the first thing I did was respond to all the emails and phone calls that I had missed. After that, I headed over to Yakima, which is a 40-minute drive, to meet with a family. I also caught up on daily items, and other little things here and there. I reviewed the incident reports from when I was gone.

Out of everything you did yesterday, what was normal or typical?

I worked in the office, checked emails, responded to phone calls, and again followed up with everybody. I was able to complete all my tasks by the end of the day, which was wonderful! The meetings and follow ups were all normal parts of my day as well.

How do you show a deep profound respect towards your clients and/or customers?

Showing appreciation is important. Our foster parents are considered therapeutic foster parents, and I always praise them for their hard work and their patience. We work together as a team making sure that everybody’s appreciated, and we show them that we care and respect each other. I think that’s very important.



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