A Day in the Life: Kathryn

Name: Kathryn Harrill
Program: 81 – RIGHT RESPONSE ©
Job Title: Office Assistant for RIGHT RESPONSE ©

What does the Office Assistant for RIGHT RESPONSE© (RR) do? 

As theRIGHT RESPONSE Office Assistant, I ensure the integrity of everything entered  intothe our database.The RR Office Assistant is responsible for the data entry, filing of all workshops, creation of certificates, internal and external, and providing workshop materials to the instructors, including shipping workbooks, etc.  

What was your last shift like? What did you do?   

A lot of my day consisted of certificate creation. Afterwards, I went through the class workshops and sent out reminders to the people who I need corrected paperwork from. I then uploaded workshops into the our system and placed book orders to make sure we have the correct numbers. I then prepped materials to be sent out.

Out of everything you did yesterday, what was normal or typical? 

Packing orders is a common aspect of my job. I pack orders almost every day – it’s one of the most consistent items during my workday. I also receive calls from customers along with doing data entry daily. 

What is all entailed in packing orders? 

When we receive a work order, we begin with checking to make sure all information received is correct. My co-worker, Ryan, and I do checks and balances with each other to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they ordered. Once everything is packed and ready to be shipped, we use UPS Online to schedule the pickup, work out sales tax if shipping in Washington State, and get the item(s) shipped.


Do you work with clients or customers?  

I work daily with our customers. I have communication with customers via email and phone throughout the day with questions or concerns regarding the different aspects of RR. Some customers I work with daily or weekly, others I’ll speak to once a year. I do my absolute best to make sure that I have a good working relationship with all customers I interact with.


How do you make sure that we show deep profound respect for our customers?  

I’m always polite, no matter who I’m talking to. Sometimes customers get frustrated when they can’t get orders on time. For instance, last week one customer wanted their workshop materials to them by 8:00AM Monday morning, but only submitted the request the Friday before in the afternoon. I worked with the customer to figure out a way to get them their material in time for the training. Everything ended up working out.

If I could talk to your customers, what would they say are the ways you respect them and show the SA Values?  

A lot of my customers don’t deal directly with me, but I always show respect towards them whenever I do have interactions with them. I’ll always make sure that the orders and paperwork are correct and my best to accommodate their requests.


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