A Day in the Life: Tamara

Name: Tamara Clemmer
Program: DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) 570. 
Title: Program Manager for DBT & PBS 


Can you explain your job title a little more in depth? 

I manage the DBT budget and oversee the facilitators within my team. They keep me in the loop during their home visits and any time that we need to troubleshoot. We have a weekly consult meeting to enhance our DBT skills. I’m part of the hiring process for new facilitators and PBS (Positive Behavior Support) writers. I also review PBS plans and DBT skills to make sure they were obtained from the DBT Training ManualI also teach the DBT Foundations Training and revise/create curriculum.  

What did you do yesterday? 

I had meetings in the morning where we talked about our Intensive DBT Training that a group of us are currently taking. We then taught our class for the Adult Supported Living clients where we did interpersonal effectiveness overview, which is how we build and maintain relationships to get what we want and keep our self-respect. This is a rather normal day for us on Wednesdays. We have our consultation meetings where we get together and have discussions regarding our clients and how we can deliver DBT services to them. 

Out of everything you did yesterday, what was normal or typical?  

On Wednesdays, our entire DBT team comes to the Lynnwood office. We have our meetings, where we support each other and do Mindfulness when needed. This is also when we can debrief each other and help with any issues or questions anyone might have.  

What was uncommon about yesterday? 

Normally, we have our consultation meeting, but we had other discussions instead yesterday. We talked about suicide and our feelings around that. We have been working with an outside company regarding suicide training/debriefing as it is a very heavy topic and course we are all taking as a team.

Do you work with clients and/or customers?  

I work with our client’s hand in hand. We work with them in their homes and reinforce the skills that they are learning. Usually, I see two clients on a regular basis and fill in when needed if a staff member is out of the office.

How do you make sure that we show deep, profound respect towards our clients?  

We always validate the client with whatever is going on in their life. We encourage them to build a life worth living and how they want to live it, along with supporting them and their struggles and celebrate in their successes.

If I could talk to one of your clients, what would they say are the ways that you respect them and show the SA Values?  

One of our clients will always say, “She’s a nice lady – She takes me for coffee and helps me make meatloaf!” It’s the simple things. My clients are always concerned if I’m not around. They miss the time when I’m not there, and I miss it as well. I try to play to their strengths and encourage them to think and act for themselves. We want to be able to support and teach them their own skills, rather than they be dependent on our team.  



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