A Day in the Life: Willy

Name: Wuyeh ‘Willy’ Drammeh
Program: 26
Job Title: Direct Service Provider 

Can you explain your job title a little bit more in-depth? Meaning, what does a DSP do? “We oversee the day-to-day of our clients in their homes. We assist them with their medications, feeding, hygiene, appointments, and a whole gamut of other things.” 

What did you do on your last shift?
“When I went to work on Friday, I met my mentor and the clients. We did medications and they had breakfast then afterward was shower time. Once everyone was ready for the day, we had multiple appointments that we needed to make. There was a lot of driving and traveling throughout the day.

How many staff with how many different clients? 
“We have 3 clients with 3 staff.”

Out of everything that you did on Friday, what was normal or typical? Was there anything uncommon?
“It’s very important for clients to keep their desired routines – and everything was rather normal on Friday. Clients had their breakfast and did their hygiene. Appointments come once a week or twice a month. It really depends on the type of day with the items that we have to accomplish. Everything was pretty normal, nothing out of the normal happened.”

In past shifts, what has happened that has taken you by surprise? What has been an uncommon situation for you?
“Those kinds of situations will pop up here and there. You deal with people who are disabled but they are still capable of doing things – they are very smart and intelligent people. Some kinds of personalities will pop up as issues once in a while and you can’t prepare for it. I had a situation where I was working with a client and out of nowhere, the client ended up the client had an (unexpected behavior). This is not a common trait for this individual, so it took me by surprise.”

When you’re working with these clients, how do you show a deep profound respect towards them? What do you do to make sure that you show respect to these clients that you take care of?
“I will always listen to them and sympathize with them. I always try to put myself in their shoes. Sometimes behaviors will pop up, and clients don’t want to act out. However, they do not always have control over this. This is something that I remind myself of every shift. I always listen to my clients. This could happen to your kids; this could happen to anybody. You listen to them and help them whenever necessary.”

If I could talk to some of your clients, what would they tell me are the ways that you show respect to them through the SA Values?
“Well, they will tell you that Willy is very interactive and very respectful. I listened to them and I help them in all kinds of categories. Wherever my help is needed, I will be there because that is who I am. This is my job, and I will do my best possible job. This job has changed my life and lifestyle because of what I’m a part of. I have to do my utmost best of a job for them so they will benefit from it. I’m sure they would also say that Willy is very appropriate and approachable. I listen to their problems and then I help them wherever the need.”

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