Our Values


There’s a grounding truth in human services: the work we do has a real impact on human lives.

This means that every one of our choices must be made with great care, and must reflect the alignment of our values, intentions, words, and actions. Whether we are caring for a client in respite, securing a home for a child in foster care, or supporting a person in finding the right job, we choose each day to act ethically, with consistency, and to be guided by our shared dedication to doing the right thing for each person we serve.

In our work, we are often confronted with situations that are complicated and there is not always a simple solution. It is sometimes the case that we are asked to choose between two options, neither of which is ideal. So how does one act when the path forward is not necessarily clear? Integrity is the compass that shows us the way.

We begin by recruiting and retaining staff who each carry a personal commitment to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. We work together with our employees to build and sustain a values-driven culture, where acting with intention is rewarded. We seek to earn the trust of each person with whom we interact by understanding their needs, setting honest expectations, and following through for them in our actions.


The pursuit of excellence is an on-going practice requiring persistence and diligence.

From the ways we approach our work, to the culture of Excellence stewarded by our leadership, everyone in our organization commits to bringing their very best to the table, each and every day. This begins with the expectations we set for ourselves; it is carried out in the ways in which we relate to our clients, customers, and one another; and it informs the choices we make as individuals and as a company.

Excellence is an ever-changing dynamic in our personal journeys and in the collective journeys of our team. The quality of our service today is not the same as the quality of our service yesterday. It is about growing and maturing and seeking always to improve oneself and to increase one’s contributions.

We each strive toward Excellence; together, we embody it.


Community is the basis for belonging. It helps people feel valued, accepted, and worthy. It is the “why” of the work we do.

We build community by building a connection. We connect our most vulnerable community members with the resources they need to rise above their challenges. We connect our clients with opportunities to explore and actualize their best selves. We partner with other service organizations to strengthen a collective web of support for those who need it most.

When we provide opportunities for our clients to experience new things and meet new people, we help them to engage, create friendships, and develop a sense of fellowship and belonging. They understand that they aren’t as limited as they may have once thought they were, they can get out and do the same things other people do. In many cases, they transcend their need for our assistance, developing skills and relationships that empower them to flourish in their communities and in their lives without our continued assistance.

A community thrives when its members thrive. We are in the business of helping people thrive.

Customer Service

Customer Service is the act of taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after requirements are met. But it doesn’t end there. At Service Alternatives, Customer Service means being in-service to each person we encounter.

When we serve our customers, we do more than provide information or resources or problem solve. We create a relationship built on trust. We earn and keep this trust by listening to our customers’ needs, communicating honestly about how we can help, and following through on our commitments. When we are successful, our customers feel heard and respected, and they want to keep working with us.

Because many of our customers are also community service providers, our assistance to them has a measurable impact on the quality of service they are able to deliver. We help them, they help their customers, and we all reap the rewards.

Employee Satisfaction

We at Service Alternatives are a team of dedicated, mission-driven employees, and each of us puts our heart into everything we do. The success of our programs and services is dependent on the job satisfaction of the people who do this work.

It starts with ensuring that each of us feels genuinely connected to our work and to our co-workers. The better we can understand and appreciate one another’s strengths, aspirations, and needs, the better we are able to help each other discover the paths within our company that will lead us to success.

A big part of what makes us each satisfied in our jobs is the sense that we are contributing to something larger than ourselves. When we help a client secure their first independent home, when we give a caregiver a much-needed break, when we have an opportunity to provide training, coaching, or mentoring, we understand that we're changing lives. We feel our work matters.

When we are each fulfilled in our jobs, we do our best work, and everyone benefits.

Fiscal Responsibility

Service Alternatives’ mission is to advance the potential of our communities, customers, and ourselves through exceptional service. This is grounded in the ways we obtain, budget, spend, and account for our financial resources.

We are disciplined, transparent, and accountable to the choices we make, we communicate those choices with clarity and authenticity, we are willing to ask tough questions of ourselves and of each other. We always remember our sound financial management today will empower the services we’ll deliver and the lives we’ll change tomorrow.

Our ability to drive our mission hinges on a healthy profit.


Respect is the manner in which we each walk through our lives. It is rooted in the fundamental belief that each human being is truly valued and deserves to be treated with dignity and kindness

In our work with clients and with our customers, Respect means always remembering that we are in the service of people. We value the contributions and experiences of each person--learning their barriers so that we can provide the support and engagement they need to overcome those barriers and advance their unique potential.

Within Service Alternatives, Respect means acknowledging that we each bring different skills and expertise to the table. In our shared pursuit of excellence, we must recognize and honor each person’s contributions, and trust one other to do our best work. We must provide avenues for advancement and act as stewards on each other’s journeys toward reaching our professional goals.

All of this work requires honoring others in the long term. It’s not momentary or situational. It’s a continual process of showing each individual care, concern, and dedication to their growth.