Organizational Strategic Plan

April 2017-April 2019


The Service Alternatives strategic plan has been established to set the direction and priority for SA to move thoughtfully and boldly into the future. It is based on identified strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats; it is fully in service of actualizing our organizational vision and values.

The attached visual representation provides a road map of SA’s organizational focuses for the next two years. The three main strategies that will be focused on in order to reach our potential are:


  • Adaptive Structure: We will have an adaptive and efficient structure to carry out our services which are guided by our vision and values.
  • Products and Services: We will have efficient means to evaluate, measure, and respond to existing, expanding and emerging markets, products and services.
  • Culture of Engagement: We will have established 3-5 Cultural Engagement Systems that are consistent and proactive across Service Alternatives.

Strategy Teams consisting of Collaboration Team members have been established for each strategy and will incorporate a variety of SA staff, clients and other stakeholders.


Sound business practice demands that the strategic map and associated strategies be used as a dynamic tool that will be reviewed annually and modified as appropriate. The Directors and Administrators will complete an update annually, with progress shared.

The vision of SA, ‘Advancing the potential of our communities, customers, and ourselves through exceptional service’ provides us with energy and direction. The values of SA ‘Community, Customer Service, Excellence, Employee Satisfaction, Integrity, Fiscal Responsibility’ provide a foundation from which to ground our services.