Adult Supported Living

Our History

Where it all started, the brown house.Service Alternatives began providing tenant support services to individuals with developmental disabilities in 1983. The vision for the company at the time was to provide high quality social services at a lower cost to the community. From its roots as a pilot project called tenant support, through its growth into intensive tenant support and latest progression into today what is called supported living services, the focus has always been our customers. We define our customers as our clients and their families, the state of Washington and their tax payers and our communities.

Our Services

Making valentines together.Services are focused on individual needs with a collaboration on how to share supports and services in a meaningful and efficient way. Through the CARE assessment done with the client, their state case manager and in collaboration with families and communities our client’s needs are identified and formalized into an Individual Support Plan or ISP. We use various processes to complete Person Centered Planning to ensure that our services also include supports around a person’s goal and dreams. With information from both processes we then develop an Individual Instruction Support Plan or IISP that includes their identified needs in addition to their individual goals and dreams.

Services are based on the Residential Service Guidelines or what are commonly called Valued Outcomes. These include Health & Safety, Power & Choice, Relationships, Status, Competence, and Community. We strongly believe that all people require attention in all of these areas in order to live a meaningful, fulfilled and happy life. These guidelines written in the late 1980’s still provide our programs a foundation on which to build supports and direction in providing those supports in a meaningful way.

Our Staff

Our staff are a group of dedicated caring individuals who believe that each and every one of us can make a difference in our communities through meaningful participation. In an effort to provide exceptional services and support employee satisfaction our company provides comprehensive and ongoing training opportunities to all employees. Trainings include orientation, health & safety, policies and procedures, values, introduction to developmental disabilities, abuse prevention and identification, and basic care giver skills. Advanced trainings include: leadership development, performance management, conflict resolution and many others.