Independent Living

Independent Living is a program offered by the State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). DVR purchases this service from Service Alternatives when they have customers who need support around basic life needs that pose a barrier to employment.

  • We provide in-depth Independent Living Evaluations and direct service as requested. Evaluations are typically requested when DVR staff needs detailed information about a customer’s current situation, a “snap shot” of their circumstances, to determine next steps and appropriate services. The evaluation will take a look at your current status and needs if any, in areas such as home environment, safety in home and community, mobility needs, financial management, support systems and communication among others. The goal is to help us, and DVR connect you with the right services and supports.
  • Independent Living Skills Training services can help you to address specific concerns such as how to create and use a budget, how to utilize transportation services, assistance enrolling in college, decision making, home management, self-advocacy and more! We work with you and your DVR Counselor to create a unique plan for you.
  • Work Related Systems Access services can assist you with accessing specific public support systems. Examples include signing up for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Section 8 housing or Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities to name a few.

Our Independent Living Services are available in certain service areas, contact us to learn more, and see if we can be of service to you. If we can’t we’ll do our best to refer you to someone who can!