A Day in the Life: Lindsay

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Name: Lindsay Brown
Program: CFS – Program 73
Job Title: Administrative Assistant


Can you explain your job title more in-depth – What does Administrative Assistant for CFS do?

I do a wide variety of things. I manage our personnel files, track income, as well as support my management team, including my administrators. I also manage a bunch of different systems online.

What did you do yesterday?

Yesterday, I was at a Regional Team meeting, where we meet with all the program managers and administrators. Our foster care licenser is usually involved but he wasn’t able to attend. We meet all day, and discuss necessary agenda items. We proposed solutions to issues and voted on employee, foster parent(s), and social worker of the month. We talked about what’s going on in each of our programs and did our Health and Safety meeting as well. These meetings are great for personal motivation, and simply being able to catch up with some fun icebreakers. Being in the company of everyone really rejuvenates the work atmosphere.

Was there anything uncommon about your day yesterday? Or maybe this week anything that just kind of stood out as irregular?

This whole week has been a rather calm and typical honestly. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Do you work with clients and/or customers?

I work with customers very rarely. I do work with employees on a daily basis, and once in a while I do get to talk with some clients when they come into the office. If this happens, it’s usually a Community & Employment Services (CES) client because we have a CES office.

How do you make sure that you are showing a deep profound respect to the clients and customers that you do interact?

I think that people just want to be heard. When someone is needing help and you’re listening that’s when you can help them problem-solve. Just being there, listening and being a support is important.

If I could talk to some of your customers or clients, what would they say are the ways that you respect them and show the SA Values?

I think it’s the same answer as above. People know that I have a good listening ear and I do what I can to try and help them problem solve. Simply being respectful of their needs, time, and being a person to support them is important.



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