Finding a Place

This week, we get to hear from someone in our Community Employment Services division.

Last year, I started working with Rosemary who is employed at Walgreen’s. Rosemary lacked confidence in doing her job even though she knew the basics of how to do it. Rosemary had days where she wasn’t sure if her co-workers would remember her or would like her. I would remind her how her manager always greets her and how her co-worker teases her and tells her jokes. And her co-workers always answer her questions about where things go when Rosemary doesn’t know. Over time, Rosemary has come to really feel like she is part of the team at Walgreen’s. Her manager told me that the team has learned a lot from having Rosemary as a co-worker and having her there makes their work day better. One certain task that Rosemary really shines in is the coloring book area. Often when Rosemary and I get to that aisle, the coloring books are a complete mess, it’s obviously a favorite place for kids to linger and dream while their parents are shopping for other items in the store. I am very proud of Rosemary and the time and effort she puts into her job.

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