Finding Resilience in Community

Our resilience is inherently linked to our sense of community. To strengthen one strengthens the other. One strategy toward building resilience is intentionally making the best of a situation. Many of us in Washington State experienced an added layer of complexity this past month when a snowstorm impacted our communities.   

Sam, one of our managers, shared that there are usually one or two houses in King and Pierce County that get enough snow that staff are not able to get in or out. During this last snowstorm, there was not a single house where staff were able to travel. The teams all worked together that Saturday to make sure people had food, extra blankets etc., and staff were incredibly understanding. Most volunteered to stay until it was safe to do a shift change.  Everyone’s willingness to help, including Managers and Residential Coordinators working on their days off, helped to ensure safety for all.   

There is the fun side to this snowstorm as well! The Brentwood Program bought each youth a sled and the staff and girls had a great time together. They had a blast sledding, building snowmen, and making snow angels. Snowstorms impact our services and communities so differently!  

I am so appreciative of the way SA employees have risen to the occasion to make the best of tricky situations. Everything about the pandemic is complex enough – add in significant snow events and teams continue to come together to make the best of the times.  

Washington State’s movement to Phase 2 has brought about more opportunity for normalcy. And, for a while to come, I believe there will be a mix of focused quarantine-type activities and some opportunity to get out and about a bit more. Here are some pretty great stories that represent a good combination of stay-at home fun and community fun!  

  • The King and Pierce County Programs arranged for all clients to get Valentine’s Day cards in the mail last month. Well, they really enjoyed them and one client in particular thought it was extra special as she was released from Western State Hospital on 2/14 and always reflects on how far she’s come. This made the timing of the card especially exciting!  
  • A client in Tacoma celebrated his birthday by having a Zoom tea party… fancy teacups, crustless sandwiches and all.  
  • 2 clients from King County have been able to spend some time with their families-it has been a long time coming!  


There is hope here, true hope! Thank you for continuing to do your part to help our collective communities thrive; we’re grateful to walk alongside you in these strange times. 

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