Get to Know Modou!

Meet Modou Sowe. Modou is the new Program Manager for program 26 – North City and Lake Forest Park. He has been with the same program during his 5 years at SA!

During his time working with SA, he has noticed that we are a company where everyone can grow as individuals. There is no discrimination against anyone – ever. It has been utterly amazing for Modou to be able to find an inner peace with the work that he does for SA, along with feeling accepted and respected amongst his peers.


When someone asks, “What do you do for work?” what do you say?
“I work for a company called Service Alternatives as the Program Manager to one of our many programs. We support individuals with disabilities, their families, and the communities!”

What does a typical work day look like for you? If there is not typical, describe your most recent work day.
“I have a daily routine that I stick to every single day. I come into work and review everything that is on my plate for the day. I will tackle one item at a time, while still supporting my staff and program.”

What do you like most about your job?
“I enjoy the interactions with my clients and colleges and being the support my team needs. I love being a support for my team, as they are always so gratuitous about my work with them, and they are always willing to learn and work together.”

What three words would you use to describe your role?
“Hard Working, Honesty, Dedication.”

What personal quality or skill do you think has helped you most in your job?
“My ability to train my employees and assist them with things that are new to them has helped in my work. We grow together as a team.”

Given your experience, what would you say to someone who has just started in the field (and/or) what about someone who is interested in a job like yours?
“This job requires everyone to help out. Training is important, but so is remaining open to and learning from on another. Take advantage of the options that the company offers, such as Peer Coaching classes, and other ones too! You will need to work hard to get the best results with your staff, clients, and families, but SA is a great place to work.


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