Getting Creative!

We have a couple of new things happening in WorkFirst.

First, we have begun posting available jobs in Snohomish County on our Now Hiring Bulletin Board in our computer lab. This board provides immediate job opportunities to our participants in the lab who are job searching or job training. Thanks, Sheena for putting this together!

Second, for staff, we created a WorkFirst Positivity Board for our workroom. It’s a fun idea where we each write notes of encouragement, acknowledgement, positivity, and appreciation to our co-workers. Or, we may thank each other for something or share a funny joke or an inspirational quote.

We are a small team and we very much rely on each other for the overall success of the program and the success of our customers. We are honest, transparent and encouraging every day of the week and the outcomes we are experiencing are proof that our team is cohesive and satisfied.

I am inspired daily with how amazingly committed this team is to excellence, advancing the potential of the individuals we serve and providing outstanding customer service.

As the program manager, I can say without a doubt that the impact this team has on our community is powerful. I am so proud of each member of our team!


That’s all for now!


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