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Thank you, Andrea, for sharing this great community experience! We’re definitely still in winter in the PNW – which means lots of rain – and the desire to stay at our desks out of the storm. It’s encouraging to see the commitment we share with other agencies to support our communities, rain or shine.


A few weeks ago, Snohomish County had Point in Time Count to assess homelessness in the area. Cedar House partnered at a drop in location of another agency who hosts a larger event at Clark Park in Everett to reach out to local people in the area to do housing surveys. Many of the people we spoke with were currently experiencing homelessness and we were able to help the other agency hand out all kinds of cold weather supplies, hygiene items, and snacks. It was not ideal weather and we were soaking wet just a few minutes into the day. The goal was to reach as many youth as possible. Most of the people we were able to speak with were adults, but we had some great conversations with the local community about issues they are facing in local shelters, on the streets, and barriers with the systems they have been trying to work through. As always, the day just showed how resilient people really are.


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