Small Steps

While we have many signs of hope around SA and much is being done to support the resilience of our employees and clients, we also must recognize the continued COVID cases in many of our communities to those who are not vaccinated.  All through COVID, there have been steps forward and steps backward and it appears that we will move out of it in this same way.    


We started giving RCT webinars in June, but we were not able to offer the module that included physical skills. Summer Simpson and AJ Roberts, Training Specialists, recently coordinated to transform the Residential Core Training (RCT) to a COVID-safe training.   


Recently, they launched the first in-person RCT skills training in Everett.  Everyone wore masks and both manikins and social distancing were used to keep everyone safe.  The classes are 2 hours long and allow up to three people to participate in each session. This is a great step toward being able to teach physical skills to SA employees!  

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