Like our parent agency, the Service Alternatives Training Institute(SATI) had very humble beginnings. As soon as SA was formed, we realized that we must ensure our staff members were properly trained and supported in order to be able to provide excellent services to our clients, which is fully consistent with our values and vision. Because we were not able to identify community resources to meet this need in a way we desired, we took the challenging and exciting step of establishing our Training Division to meet SA’s internal staff training needs. Our initial Training Division personnel consisted of two part-time individuals. Since then, our agency has expanded both geographically and in terms of diversity of client service contracts. The Training Division grew to accommodate our agency's changing needs by increasing our staff, training offerings, and services.

During this time, one of our services--Service Alternatives Ethical Crisis Understanding and Response Education(SECURE)-- expanded beyond our agency, thereby paving the way for the transformation of our division from only delivering internal training to becoming a training provider. The expansion of SECURE, now known as RIGHT RESPONSE®, facilitated the ability of our division to provide additional services outside our agency. To reflect our growth, we changed our name to the Service Alternatives Training Institute.

Today, the SATI team includes personnel whose credentials range from advanced degrees and certifications in such areas as Social Work, Executive Coaching, Human Resources, Mental Health Counseling and Education to Human Development, Clinical Psychology, Business Administration, Applied Behavior Analysis, Archaeology, Philosophy, and Divinity. As a provider of technical assistance, our services include training, consultation, facilitation, and development to our clients, their natural and foster families, other social service providers, as well as educational, recreational, and corporate entities. Our services are aimed to build the capacity of individuals and teams to sustain meaningful results. Our target audience ranges from teachers, foster parents, nurses, security personnel, long-term direct care providers, and other human service workers to supervisors, managers, principals, administrators, and executives.