SATI Values

Service Alternatives Training Institute is strongly grounded in the values of our parent organization, Service Alternatives, Inc. (link to the SA website here). Below are some examples of how excellence, integrity, community, customer service, employee satisfaction, and fiscal responsibility are reflected in the services you would receive from us.


• we complete an individualized learning/training needs assessment with you to ensure training services are the answer
• we employ a sustained curriculum development process that utilizes global best practice models
• we offer solutions that, when you apply them, lead to sustainable change
• we provide professional, experienced, highly skilled instructors and facilitators
• we utilize high quality training materials


• we honor all commitments made to you
• we are honest and transparent in all communication
• we will let you know if we cannot meet your needs
• we follow up on the outcomes of our work; if our service did not meet your expectations, please let us know


• we provide trainings that encourage community development
• we work to improve the quality of our community members' lives through charity, civic engagement, and advocacy
• we foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness through welcoming all people to our trainings
• We believe in building a community of learners where learning extends beyond the classroom.
• We use technology to connect learners. Learners can participate in online forums, facebook pages, conference calls, and other avenues that support learning

Customer Service:

• we listen to you and take your individual needs into consideration so that we can truly help you
• we take your customer satisfaction feedback seriously and make adjustments in our services accordingly
• we prioritize contact with you: we answer all emails and phone calls promptly and competently
• we increase accessibility of our services by using different training modalities (face-to-face, online, hybrid), taking into account adult learning styles, cultural considerations, and physical environment issues

Employee Satisfaction:

• we recognize that highly trained staff are happy staff; we help you achieve this
• we provide training instructors who are passionate about their work
• we deliver training tools that employees can apply immediately

Fiscal Responsibility:

• we offer solutions which meet your individual needs and are not more expensive than necessary
• we utilize local instructors when possible, removing or minimizing travel costs
• we carefully manage financial resources, which translates to lower costs for you as the client