Consultation, Development, and Facilitation

Consultation Services

All of us have experienced a time when a team has encountered a situation where, despite having highly skilled individuals working together, they need just a little bit more to achieve a desired outcome. At SATI, we have a team of experienced professionals ready to provide the outside expert guidance toward accomplishing your goal. Our team consists of people with backgrounds in social work, executive coaching, human resources, mental health counseling and education to human development, clinical psychology, business administration, applied behavior analysis, archaeology, philosophy, and divinity.
A list of our consultation services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fact finding or data analysis
  • Client/student observation and reporting
  • Staff/environmental observation and reporting
  • Legal / licensing / contract requirements review
  • Administrative policy and procedure review
  • Program policy and procedure review
  • Program log paperwork review
  • Training cost/benefit analysis

Development Services

SATI offers three broad categories of development services.

Individual and Team Development

We believe that the best way to advance the potential of communities, customers, and ourselves is through developing high-performing teams and individuals. At SATI we offer a variety of technical assistance services aimed at fostering the strengths and talents of our biggest asset: people. A key component of developing people is training them to improve their knowledge and skills.

We offer development courses in the following categories: Life skills; health, safety, and crisis management; leadership; clinical skills and therapeutic techniques; training and facilitation skills. View these in detail at our training catalog.

While training is one critical aspect of personal and professional development, other services are often necessary to complement the learning. Through our coaching and mentoring services, we provide opportunities to further refine your skills by applying them to your real world environment. We have experience in coaching and mentoring both individuals and teams. Your team will also benefit from our professional facilitation services aimed at advancing their potential, including envisioning the extraordinary, pursuing excellence, and working together with passion.

Systems Development


Our team consists of highly-trained and experienced individuals in a variety of fields including human services, leadership, clinical psychology, and business administration. We have experience with various systems that we have developed and refined over the decades, tested by years of changing political and financial circumstances. These systems pertain to successfully running our corporation, serving our clients and customers with excellence, and providing technical assistance to other agencies and individuals.

SATI provides systems development services in several areas of our expertise, including:

  • Program policy and procedure
  • Administrative policy and procedure
  • Critical event management system
  • Training plan
  • Record keeping
  • Training curriculum
  • Human resources
  • Health and safety

Leadership Development

Elemental Leadership Model

As a continuation of our Elemental Leadership™ training, we provide ongoing coaching and mentoring for participants and organizations regarding investing in the leadership capacity of emerging talent. While this service is provided as a part of our training, individual consultation and development may be solicited by interested parties.

Contact us to learn how Elemental Leadership may be integrated into your organizational practices and vocabulary.

Our experience has shown that people and organizations at any stage of their development can benefit from building their strength in the elements of leadership. Organizations that are grounded to their values and vision, reflect on their successes and failures, expand their competencies and talent base, and inspire their workforce and community will ultimately achieve their intended outcomes.

Facilitation Services

Our expertise in facilitation stems from several areas of practice and can benefit your organization in a number of different ways:

  • We can help your clients meet their goals through facilitating effective service planning,
  • We can help a well-functioning team to work together even better, and
  • We can help your team to manage adverse situations, such as conflicts and critical incidents.

A number of SATI team members have extensive backgrounds in social work, where the overarching goal is to assist clients with achieving their desired outcomes, such as moving out of a residential facility and living independently, improving their job situation, or overcoming a drug addiction. Over the years, we have successfully facilitated numerous service planning processes for child and adult clients of Service Alternatives. At times, this meant getting a diverse group of individuals invested it the client's success to collaborate in a meeting setting. On other occasions, it was akin to being an ombudsman to a group of people who initially refused to even be in the same room. One specific approach to service planning facilitation which we can provide for your clients (or even your teams) is the Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) person-centered planning.

To help good teams to get even better, we offer several options, such as team-building activities, events (e.g., retreats), and workshops (e.g., Building Team Spirit and Noble Purpose). As with the rest of our services, we do not use off-the-shelf approaches to facilitating team development. We take the time to get to know you, your values, history, goals, challenges, and so on in order to maximize the effectiveness of our support.

Another facet of facilitation services SATI can provide to your organization is to help teams to move through two typical kinds of adversity: conflicts and critical incidents. As all of us know, conflicts can become major barriers to accomplishing an organization's mission. They can also lead to a loss of talent in an organization when people flee an unpleasant situation. Often, when individuals have been involved in a dispute for some time, even the most skilled and astute people are no longer capable to resolve the situation on their own. A brief intervention of an outside mediator can be a very effective way to restore a harmonious state. While not as common as conflicts, critical incidents can be extremely disruptive and, potentially, detrimental to team functioning. Several SATI team members have been facilitating Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) sessions for teams within and outside of Service Alternatives. Such psychological debriefing has demonstrated effectiveness in helping teams to get back to their normal functioning.

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