What is Technical Assistance?

When you're faced with a challenge that exceeds the capabilities of your in-house resources, you will sometimes need to bring in external support to fill the gap. These challenges could include finding a subject matter expert to train your staff, bringing in a third-party facilitator or mediator, or coordinating an event or conference from beginning to end.  One solution is to put your challenge up for a request for proposals(RFP).  Running an RFP puts you in connection with multiple providers who give a variety of options to meet your needs.  You are afforded choice in terms of planning, price, and process.  An RFP tends to only address a single challenge, however, and the process takes time that could be spent addressing the problem. 

Another solution is to partner with a technical assistance provider.  Technical assistance providers will support your organization by connecting you with experts, coordinating events, or even ordering supplies.  The Service Alternatives Training Institute has contracted with over 100 agencies and individuals on contract to provide training and consultation. You can be certain that if you require technical assistance, we will connect you with a qualified professional to meet your needs.

Forms of Technical Assistance we provide include:

Coordinating a training or consultation

Wherever you are in your process-be it identifying a training provider, securing a venue, managing registrations, hosting an event, or soliciting and incorporating feedback-SATI can help.

Since 2011, SATI has coordinated and scheduled over 1000 events through our Technical Assistance service.

Conducting Assessments

Do you have a challenge in your organization that you can't quite comprehend?  Are you having trouble retrieving the necessary feedback to make your mission critical decisions?  SATI has the experience to interview your staff and other stakeholders, compile the data, and generate a report to help you better understand your resources, challenges, and opportunities.

If our assessment finds that you require additional support in coaching, development, or facilitation we can connect you with one of our own professionals or help you find an expert of your choosing.

Procuring Equipment and Supplies.

Occasionally you need to purchase equipment, configure it to your specifications, and deploy it. You can rely on our relationships with vendors and trust on our competency to deliver you the resources required.  If you have a request that we can't handle, we'll be upfront and try to work with you to find someone who can.

Some of our Current Technical Assistance Customers

Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration(DDA) 

Aging and Long-Term Support Administration (ALTSA) 

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