Training Services

training-wordsWe believe that training is more than just dissemination of information. Our trainings provide you the tools and resources that enable you to build the capacity of yourself, your team, your clients, and your community to achieve sustained and meaningful results.

Your time is valuable, so we have committed to maximizing the benefit of any time you spend with us. All of our trainings are tailored to your specific needs rather than using off-the shelf content that may not be applicable to your situation.

Because we value you as training participants, our training method is grounded in solid educational principles and current research. When you are in our trainings, you will work hard and reap the benefits--you may even have fun!

support_cycleYou will experience a dynamic training environment that includes hands-on activities, engaging discussions, putting skills to practice, and of course some traditional methods of teaching. As adult learners, you have a tremendous amount of knowledge to share that enriches the learning experience for all.

SATI's Training Cycle begins by assessing your needs to determine whether those needs can be met through training or if another intervention may be more appropriate. If we agree that your needs may be best addressed through training, we move on to defining a training's learning objectives. Based on these desired learning outcomes, we produce a customized curriculum. After delivering this curriculum we review its effectiveness and your satisfaction to determine whether any further technical assistance is necessary.

As an expert training provider, with more than 20 years of experience, we know that active learning is most effective in producing sustained results.  You will leave any of our trainings equipped with the tools and resources which are immediately applicable. These resources include high quality, well-written materials that serve as a guide for continued learning.

Our service to you extends beyond the classroom. In alignment with our company value of excellence, any feedback you provide on how to better tailor our trainings will help us ensure we have met your needs. Further, we make ourselves available for additional training and other forms of technical assistance.

SATI Training Features

Our trainings come with multiple continuing education opportunities and options for instructor certification.

Seattle Pacific University

Continuing Education credits and clock hours are available through our educational partner Seattle Pacific University.

CEU/Clock Hours apply to personnel with valid educational, counseling or administrative certificates including but not limited to individuals designated in a supervisory role at a school district, educational service district, college/university or superintendent of public instruction. Please note: Clock Hours are valid in Washington state only are not transferable to other states.

  • 1 Credit Hour = 10 Classroom hours or 20 lab, practicum or out-of-class assignment hours.
  • 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 10 Classroom hours.
  • 1 Clock Hour = 10 Classroom hours (or .1 CEU)

See the RIGHT RESPONSE SPIRAL Chart for clock hour and credit details.

Credits are 5000 graduate level, however they do not count toward a graduate degree, just continuing education. Please note: Credits are transferable to other states.

STARS Approved Training

The following trainings are STARS approved. Note: check with WAEYC for eligibility requirements.

RIGHT RESPONSE Workshops (14 hrs)
Click here to the visit RIGHT RESPONSE website.

The philosophy of RIGHT RESPONSE focuses on a proactive approach to crisis management and looks at the crisis holistically to prevent future crisis. A favorite among Northwest agencies and schools since 1994!

Infant & Child CPR and First Aid (8 hours)

A required class for most staff, we offer American Red Cross certification. Students must complete skills demonstration and written test. Attendees may take the CPR session, First Aid or both.

Bloodborne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS (3 hours)

Bloodborne Pathogens education is not only a legal requirement, but it also provides a practical experience. Keeping up with new information and sorting out myth from reality can be challenging. Our Instructor Trainer Team has over 30 years of collective experience in the field and continually reviews the latest news and research.

Long Term Care Workers

We have multiple trainings that qualify as Continuing Education(CE) courses for Long-Term Care Workers in accordance with Washington State Initiative 1163.Initiative 1163 enacted increased training and certification requirements for workers hired on or after January 7, 2012. Most new direct care workers (now called long-term care workers) must take 75 hours of training within 120 days of hire. Also, most long-term care workers must become certified home care aides within 150 days of hire.

Long-Term Care Workers includes all persons who are long-term care workers for the elderly or persons with disabilities, including but not limited to individual providers of home care services, direct care employees of home care agencies, providers of home care services to persons with developmental disabilities under Title 71 RCW, all direct care workers in state-licensed boarding homes, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes, respite care providers, community residential service providers (training requirements exempt until 2016), and any other direct care worker providing home or community-based services to the elderly or persons with functional disabilities or developmental disabilities.

Instructor Certification

If you experienced one of our trainings and found it to be so valuable that you would like to offer it to your team, the Instructor Certification Option is the one for you! License your agency and train your own staff as a Certified Instructor. This is the most cost effective model for long-term training of staff within your organization.

Benefits of Instructor Certification include:

  • The ability to conduct unlimited workshops for your staff
  • Having the option to customize the curriculum to reflect your agency's policies & standards
  • Have an expert on staff ready for facilitation
  • Generate additional revenue by hosting external attendees (depends on curriculum)

Our most commonly requested instructor training is the RIGHT RESPONSE Instructor Certification Course. We are also able to deliver many of our other trainings as instructor certification courses. Please contact us if you are interested.

Forms of Training

SATI provides training through a variety of effective delivery methods including classrooms, online, or hybrid.


The Service Alternatives Training Institute maintains classrooms throughout the state of Washington. Please view the map below for the locations of our classrooms. Trainings are regularly scheduled at our classroom locations. We can also schedule trainings upon request. If you're interested in a training that is not available, please contact us.

SATI training are portable and our instructors are happy to come to you and use your facilities to host the training. Our trainers have travelled to Maryland, Wyoming, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Oregon to meet our customer's requests.


Online training is a rapidly-growing industry. Unfortunately many organizations including higher education institutions simply shovel classroom content into an online "course" which ends up being nothing more than read it, quiz it, get credit.

SATI distinguishes itself by providing online training that engages the student with multimedia tools, well-structured presentation of material, and instructor availability for additional support.

The Learning Management System is currently under construction and will become available to new students in the near future.


Several of our trainings are delivered in a combination of environments such as classroom and on-the-job, classroom and online, online and on-the-job. This maximizes learning by accommodating students with a variety of learning styles. Additionally, by bringing a portion of the training into the person's work environment, we facilitate a better application of the material.